About Us


The year was 1923, and the Minnesota District of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod extended a call to Rev. L.F. Bollefer to begin work as a "Missionary-at-Large" in the growing city of Robbinsdale. He started a Sunday School at June Avenue North and North 36th Avenue.

By 1924 a church was built at 41st and Regent Avenue North. It was dedicated on April 20.

Rev. H.L. Paul was called to serve as Pastor of the congregation, and on November 9, 1925, it was organized as "The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer."

The congregation grew steadily, but then the depression in the 1930s almost brought the 142 communicant members of the congregation to disband. Joyfully God guided them to persevere. In 1938 a parsonage was built and dedicated at 4043 Regent Ave North. On April 8, 1945, the congregation was incorporated under its current name, "Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church."

After serving for twenty-five years, Rev. Paul accepted a call to serve at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Janesville, MN in 1949. On August 6, 1949, Rev. Martin H. Kretschmar was installed as Pastor. The congregation grew rapidly and two additional services were added. This brought the need to build a larger building. On November 12, 1950, a building program started, and three lots at 42nd and Scott Avenue were purchased. This location is where our parking lot now sits.

The following month Rev. Kretschmar was recalled into military service as a chaplain. Rev. Leonard C. Thaemert of Marble, Minnesota, was installed as Pastor on May 6, 1951. His first official duty immediately after his installation was the groundbreaking service for the construction of a new church building.

Progress was slow due to trouble obtaining materials and construction crews. The congregation rented out rooms at Robbinsdale High School and the basement of the parsonage served as classrooms. On March 30, 1952, the congregation walked to the new building for the dedication. Rev. Professor Jan Pavel began as an assistant for Rev. Thaemert. Again, the congregation grew. There were nearly 1000 people attending worship withing six years of the building's dedication.

On March 14, 1965, a ground breaking ceremony took place at 4201 Regent Avenue North (our current location). On March 27, 1966, the current church building was dedicated. The old church building was moved to 51st and Boone Avenue, where it still stands today. At this point, the congregation's membership numbered around 1600.

Rev. Fred Drakow accepted the call in 1968 to serve as an Assistant Pastor. He took another call only nine months later. Three months after that, Rev. Thaemert began to grow ill. Rev. Graupner assisted with visits to the homebound members, and Rev. Professor Pavel continued to assist.

In 1975 Rev. Robert C. Raedeke was installed as Associate Pastor to Rev. Thaemert and served for two years. Rev. Paul Sutterer was installed in June 1978. Redeemer Preschool opened in 1979. Rev. Thaemert retired in 1981. Rev. Sutterer continued to serve until 1986. In 1987 Rev. Professor Pavel was extended the call to serve as the Senior Pastor and served until 1995.

Rev. Paul Johnston was installed as an Assistant Pastor in 1989 and served until 1991. Rev. John Dreyer was installed as Pastor in August 1996. He received a call to serve at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN. Rev. Yeddo Gottel was installed in the spring of 2001 and served until he retired in 2010.

Rev. Douglas Good was installed as Pastor in September 2011 and served until June 2016. Rev. Doug Minton was installed as Pastor in April 2018 and continues to serve the congregation.